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The Opioid Diversion Program is an addiction treatment program available to people with current or pending criminal or civil charges related to opioid use. The program diverts folks away from serving jail time so that they may receive treatment and other resources like housing, job, education, financial, and mental health assistance.


The program blends outpatient treatment and adventure-based counseling. Participants attend individual and group counseling sessions weekly at the Center for Recovery in Glens Falls and participate in guided outings like kayaking, hiking, and biking as a part of their treatment.


The program is open to Warren and Washington county residents. Center for Recovery accepts most medical insurance including Medicaid. Those who are uninsured can get help to become insured. There are no extra fees for outings


To make a referral, please call Jay Rodriguez, the Diversion Social Worker, at the Center for Recovery Glens Falls (518-926-7200) to schedule an intake assessment. Spencer Morris, the Program Coordinator, can also help with a referral or more general questions about the program at 518-746-1527.

The Opioid Diversion Program is a collaborative effort between the Council for Prevention, Center for Recovery of Glens Falls, the Glens Falls City Court, and Warren County’s Probation, District Attorney’s, and Public Defender’s Offices. It is grant-funded by the New York State Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services (OASAS).