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yc logoYouth Court is a law-related educational program for volunteer youth in 7th-12th grades and an alternative to the criminal justice system for young people ages 10-18, who have committed a crime, offense, or violation. The goal of Youth Court is to intervene in early anti-social, delinquent, and criminal behavior; to reduce the incidence, and to prevent the escalation of such behavior by asking the offending youth to accept responsibility for their behavior before a jury of their peers. Youth Court strives to promote feelings of self-esteem, desire for self-improvement, increase knowledge and awareness of the law and the criminal justice system, and to foster a healthy attitude towards rules and authority.

“Members of Warren County Youth volunteer to participate in the courtroom as the prosecution, defense, judge, and jury to hold the trial and impose sentencing upon the offender. Youth Court is an opportunity for teens to take action in their community by conducting sentencing trials for their peers who have violated the law.”

To learn more about Youth Court visit the New York state site at: https://www.facebook.com/ANYSYC

If you have any questions or are a teen that would like to become a Youth Court Volunteer please contact: Katherine Chambers Director, Warren County Youth Court at (518) 746-6059