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A safe space to find peer recovery support services-services include recovery coaches, recovery enhancement courses, wellness programming, education, life skills, community service opportunities, and mutual aid and peer support meetings.

What is Recovery?

Recovey is an intentional lifestyle choice; and just like other lifestyle choices it includes many different pieces. Some of the foundational pieces can be the same, like honesty and integrity, healthy relationships and bound-aries with others, healing and self-care, and living with-out substance(s). Some of the pieces can be different from person to person or phase to phase; these make Recovery individualistic.

Who is Recovery For?

Everyone! Individuals struggling with substances. Individuals who have chosen to live substance free and are looking for support. Family members and friends who have been impacted by a loved one’s struggle with substances. Addiction is a “family disease”; family members and friends can find their own recovery with and/ or withouttheir loved one

When is Recovery?

Whenever you are ready!

You are in recovery when you say you are

How is Recovery Different from Treatment?

Treatment is one of many pieces / pathways of recovery. Pathways of Recovery are the different ways that people recover; the process of change. Most people use more than one pathway as different pathways support different pieces of the life-style. The pathways of recovery are as varied as individuals who are in recovery or struggling with addiction.

Some examples of Pathways are:

Treatment | MAT | Harm Reduction | Peer Support | Faith Based | Spiritual | Health and Wellness | Arts/MusicNatural | Mutual Aid (AA/NA/HA/etc…) | Service | & More!

Whether someone uses multiple pathways

Or a few

Your recovery is up to you!

Start Your Recovery

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