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Parent Training

The Mothers Against Drunk Driving is the largest nonprofit working to protect families from drunk and drugged driving and underage drinking.

Parental influence is the most important factor in helping keep teens safe. A GfK Roper Youth Report showed that 74% of kids (8-17) said their parents are the leading influence on their decisions about drinking. That is why MADD worked with Dr. Robert Turrisi and his colleagues at Pennsylvania State University to create an underage drinking prevention initiative, beginning with the parent program-
Power of Parents.

The Power of Parents Workshop

  •  Thirty minutes long.

  • Parents and caregivers are given a free handbook that will equip them with the communication tools they need to talk with their teens about alcohol.

  • The Council for Prevention has staff that has been trained to facilitate the Power of Parents workshop.

  • This training can be given in all types of settings. School, Community, businesses with employees that are parents and even grandparents can benefit from this training.

To learn more or schedule Power of Parents training in your community contact Allison Reynolds (518) 746-1527 or email [email protected]

“Parenting is the process of empowering your teen to become an effectively functioning 
and happy adult.”